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We are one of the leading user oriented support service provider. We have alliances an array of experts who are specially trained for the assistance of the customers. Amazon Echo is one-of-its-own-sort of a voice assistant, which comes with a profusion of optimized features. A few years ago, Amazon Echo has undergone an array of changes, and with every transformation or evolution, the device has become superior. The present scenario illustrates that Amazon Echo has a plethora of amazing features for all those who wish to perform their tasks easily. The hardware and software aspects of the Amazon device are operating efficiently. We don’t have an alliance with the Amazon Company, brands, trademarks, products and services. We have just represented these for referential purposes.

Below mentioned are the issues we provide support for Amazon Echo

  • 1.When Amazon Echo is not responding?
  • 2.How to set up Amazon Echo?
  • 3.My Alexa App is not working.
  • 4.What to do when my Echo is not connected to the Bluetooth.
  • 5.Amazon Echo is not connected to WI-FI.
  • 6.Streaming problems with Amazon Echo.


We are associated with the professional expertise’s that are ready to deliver the best Alexa Tech support. We have been working in this field for past many years, thus having a mammoth experience in providing the precise and prompt technical support to our user.

Salient Features of our Tech Support:

  • Easy-to-understand Support: We provide support in the easy-to-understand, so that people who were not able to understand the setup process can set up and configure their Amazon Echo conveniently.
  • Quick and reliable Support: Either you need assistance for Amazon Echo setup or Alexa app, we are happy to help. Just give us a call on our Amazon Echo Support number and get the best solution to your problem related to Amazon Alexa.
  • Round the clock support: We have a stupendous team of Amazon Echo Support who works round the clock to deliver the best outcomes to the customers. Call us at any time and we promise to solve all the issues pertinent to Amazon Echo setup.

How to Set up Amazon Echo?

The Amazon Echo is one of the most popular gadgets in 2018. It's the kind of present that turns your fun to toy around with and has a function that appreciates you more as the more you use it. But in some circumstances, you feel some trouble in setting up. Don’t worry, you can go through guidance or you can directly contact Amazon Echo Tech Support.

  • Check that you have all requisites : You need Amazon Echo (obviously), power adaptor and you need a Smartphone to complete the software side of the setup

  • Download the Alexa App : You can download it from the App Store according to your Mobile such as Google Play Store for Android users.

  • Plug in your Amazon Echo device : Take the Amazon Echo speaker and turn it over to find the power jack and then, take the power adaptor’s other end and plug it into the wall.

  • Wait for some time to initialize the Amazon Echo : You have to wait for a couple of seconds. When the Echo power button turns blue to orange, then, Echo starts working

  • Open the App : Open the Alexa App and go to the settings menu from the icon on the top left of the screen and then select ‘Settings’ from the bottom of the menu. Select ‘Set up a new device’.

  • Select your device in the App : Select the Echo device you want to set up. If you face any issue, then you can take support from our expert Amazon Echo Support Device team, which will guide you to set up your Echo.
  • Connect to WI-FI connection : Turn on your Wi-Fi. Select the Amazon Echo device from the list represented on the display. Once connected to the device, jump back into the Alexa app, where it will say that it’s connected to the Echo then, tap ‘Continue’. You can also take help by just visit Amazon Echo WI-FI Setup for complete guidance.

  • Change the name “Alexa”, if you don’t want to say “Alexa” : By default, your Amazon Echo will be set to activate when it hears the word ‘Alexa’, but if you don’t want this name you can change it by going into Echo’s settings, Tap on your Echo, and then scroll down to where it says ‘Wake Word’. Choose it and you have many options to set up your Amazon Echo’s Name.

For any other information about Amazon Echo and company, kindly contact our professionally trained Amazon Echo Support team by dialing our TOLL-FREE number 1-888-293-1413.

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